Rusted Armors Anime Project Reveals First Character Visual

Mixed media project including anime and stage play is set in a steampunk Sengoku Period

A promotional image for the upcoming Rusted Armors anime project, featuring main character Magoichi striking a dramatic pose with his sword in front of a backdground that looks like a scroll covered in black ink splashes.


The Rusted Armors anime, part of a mixed media project that envisions a steampunk alternative history set in the Sengoku Period in Japan, has revealed a new character visual for its protagonist.


The character visual (below) features Magoichi, a member of the Saika Ikki sect of warrior monks who fight as a mercenaries during the Warring States period. Magoichi is voiced by Taiki Sato (EXILE / FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE) in the upcoming anime. Sato previously portrayed Magoichi in the Rusted Armors stage plays.


A character visual of Magoichi, the protragonist of the Rusted Armors anime project. Magoichi is a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes, dressed as a shinobi in red cloth armor and wielding an enormous two-handed sword.


Announced back in June of 2019, so far few further details (such as the staff, the cast, the format, and the release schedule) have yet been revealed for Rusted Armors, although it is known that actor Toshiki Masuda will also be reprising his role as Oda Nobunaga from the Rusted Armors stage play for the anime version.


Source: Comic Natalie


Copyright notice: © Anime "Rusted Armors" Production Committee


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