Mitrasphere Beginner's Guide - Quick and Easy Pointers to Get Started

Dive into the first part of our guide to get your adventure going in style



Written by Mist and Aramitz




Are you looking for a guide to help you navigate Mitrasphere’s vast and diverse content? There are numerous things to do in Mitrasphere, and you may be wondering what you should be focusing on first.


This guide aims to provide new players with quick and easy pointers to help optimize your start and allow you to power up swiftly.


This guide will also give you some tips surrounding combat mechanics to help you feel more comfortable about participating in more advanced content, but we’ll try our best not to overload you with information right off the bat!


We hope you will find this resource useful and wish you a pleasant read!


Table of Contents:

  1. Part 1
    1. Starting Your Journey (0 - 1,000 CP)
    2. Advancing the Story (1,000 - 15,000 CP)
  2. Part 2
    1. Traveling to Hard Mode and Beyond (15,000+ CP)
    2. Core Combat Mechanics
    3. Bonus! Nekia Item Exchange


Starting Your Journey (0 - 1,000 CP)


1. Selecting Your Job



In Mitrasphere, there are a total of five different Jobs to choose from and swap between. There is no best class, and each class plays a distinct role in a party! 


Swordsman - The king of burst damage and giant swords. The Swordsman is primarily known for its dangerously ruthless single-target damage, sometimes forsaking its defensive capabilities to dish out extreme damage. The Swordsman can also use Magic Twin Blades, allowing them to dish out magic damage with powerful combos.


Mage - The Mage excels at powerful area-of-effect damage. Where the Swordsman stands king against a single target, the Mage stands alone at dishing high damage to all targets. The Mage also benefits from being able to quickly build up their Dragonkin Gauge, enabling them to burst targets down in swift succession.


Archer - The Archer is key to bringing the maximum potential of your party out. As a support class that boasts massive buffs and debuffs, as well as bringing some damage to the party, your team will love you for making battles much easier on both the offensive and defensive fronts.


Cleric - The core party support. A Cleric is needed to upkeep your party's health and cleanse debuffs. This is a mandatory class for difficult content and can also provide buffs, debuffs, and revives.


Guardian - The defensive wall of the party. A frontline class that is essential for difficult content. The Guardian takes the heat for the party and even helps mitigate the damage everyone else receives. 


2. The Equipment Grid System



Mitrasphere supports an equipment grid system as opposed to your standard character ability system in RPGs. To develop your character, you must obtain weapons, armor, and accessories. 


At the start of your journey, you will be able to equip 10 weapons, 2 armor pieces and 3 accessories in your main equipment grid. 


Additionally, you may also add 10 weapons, 10 armor pieces, and 10 accessories to your support grid purely for stats and elemental bonuses. As you progress through your journey and obtain more power, you may also add up to 5 more support weapons to your Advanced Support grid for additional stats.


Please note that your support grid is mainly for stats and elemental bonuses and you will not be able to use your support weapons during combat. 



Advancing the Story (1,000 - 15,000 CP)


1. Unlocking Further Content Through Story Completion


As you continue to uncover the story of Mitrasphere, you will come across points where things may get tough and find yourself in need of stronger gear. It is recommended to complete the various events to help power yourself up, which we will cover more in depth in a later section. But to begin with, we suggest farming Crimson Seeds in Guerrilla to level up your weapons.



As your Combat Power increases, you will want to specialize in a main Job and obtain gear specific to that Job. Below are the recommended chapters to farm class-specific armor and accessories early on. (Note: These chapters can be cleared on Normal or Hard.)




Recommended Passives



Physical Damage Dealt UP       

1-6 or 10-6


Magic Damage Dealt UP

3-6 or 11-2


Evasion UP

4-6, 7-6, or 9-6


Ally HP Recovery UP

11-10 or 13-7


Defense UP

5-6 or 12-6



It is highly recommended to focus on these chapters especially when your daily 100% co-op bonus is active for that chapter to acquire additional Jade Seeds. Eventually, you will want to obtain multiple copies of your gear for limit breaking.


Please note that if you are looking to farm a specific set of 3-star gear, Hard Mode stages drop the same items as their Normal Mode equivalent but benefit from a higher drop rate. Generally speaking, that makes them a good source for Jade Seeds as well, with more players farming them to get their own equipment



2. Understanding Core Progression Avenues

a. How Combat Power Unlocks Content


Combat Power is a key value meant to reflect your progress as well as determine what level of content you can participate in. As you increase your Combat Power, you’ll unlock more content and avenues to further increase your strength. Various event stages open up at different power levels, and you’ll be able to tackle Expert Mode once completing the Hard Mode of a chapter. But keep in mind, power is not everything as some of the toughest stages in the game will restrict your stats down to a stated Combat Power, making it difficult to simply brute force your way through some content! Prepare for difficult challenges regardless of your power.


b. Powering Up Efficiently



Starting from approximately 5,000 CP, you may find that keeping your Combat Power up to match what’s required of the Main Story becomes increasingly difficult if you only rely on rewards from clearing chapters.


The daily occurring Guerrilla event will be your go to at this point and will definitely give you a much needed boost. Guerrilla can be accessed from the Events menu, and is available for one hour at a time, four times a day. It includes four levels of difficulty, and each one gives the added bonus of Sea Crystals for your first clears.


Its main point of interest, however, are the 2,250 Crimson Seeds per clear of the Advanced stage, which you can enter starting from 5,000 Combat Power. You do not need to worry about being able to clear it by yourself as you’ll find yourself teamed up with others during each run with co-op enabled, and each attempt will zoom by quickly.


The fourth difficulty, labelled “Extreme”, gives 30,000 Crimson Seeds per run, but requires 30,000 CP to enter and typically requires a full team to complete, including a Cleric and Guardian due to its difficulty. If you are able to clear it within a reasonable amount of time, it will definitely be worth it once you’ve reached its power requirements.


With the Crimson Seed Guerrilla, you will be able to level both your main and support weapons relatively quickly and get a good amount of Combat Power out of it. By spending around 75,000 Crimson Seeds in early-game weapons, you can level them from level 20 to level 30 or so, and find yourself going from around 5,000 CP to 8,000 CP without a huge time investment.


Farming Crimson Seeds continues to prove to be a worthwhile opportunity even once your weapons are maxed, as you are able to spend Crimson Seeds on the Crimson Seed Gacha to acquire new weapons for use or for disassembling to obtain Crimson Gems.


However, please note that Crimson Seed Guerrilla will not drop equipment, and like other event battles, you will not be able to earn Jade Seeds as a co-op bonus.



The Crimson Seed Guerrilla equivalent for Azure Seeds is a permanent set of events named “Amulet.” You can find them in the Events -> Weekly menu, and each day you will be able to access a different Amulet that drops gear of a specific element.


Each daily event includes three difficulty levels, the highest being “Advanced,” which you can enter as soon as you reach 5,000 CP. Like the Crimson Seed Guerrilla, you will be automatically matched with other players, and clearing the stage will be easy even with minimal stats. Each clear will grant you 1,125 Azure Seeds.


Similar to the Crimson Seed Gacha, you will be able to spend Azure Seeds to pull on the Azure Seed Armor Gach, but for an unlimited number of times. Considering you can get 4-star armor from the gacha, or if you’re particularly lucky +Equipment which come with a 20% boost to base stats, farming Amulets will remain rewarding for a long time to come.


Lastly, the notably higher-than-average 3-star drop rate means Amulets are a fairly good way to Azure and Jade Gems via dismantling. The gear that drops from Amulets is not recommended to be used as equipment as they are not optimized for any particular Job.


c. Co-op in Your Daily Bonus Zone for Jade seeds



When it comes to leveling up accessories, acquiring Jade Seeds can be a bit trickier. Unlike with Crimson and Azure Seeds, there are no events dedicated to farming Jade Seeds, and you’ll instead look towards obtaining them via the Zone Co-Op Bonus.


Clearing a Main Story stage—whether Normal, Hard, or Expert—with others in your party will earn you Jade Seeds. The more players in your party and the higher the rank difference between you, the higher the bonus will become.


Each day, you will have one Zone that will grant you a 100% boost to the Jade Seeds you earn via co-op. The designated Zone rotates on a daily basis and is not the same for every player. 


The optimal Jade Seed farming strategy would be to clear stages in your designated Zone with four others, either by forming a private party or by matching with others automatically. It is typically recommended to farm the 6th stage of each chapter (for example, 2-6), as you’ll often find others farming for their Job-specific gear in those stages due to the increased appearance of monsters which amounts to higher chances to acquire drops.


Considering Jade Seed farming is likely to be slower than acquiring the other seeds, you are advised to focus on upgrading your main gear before considering support gear for maximum efficiency.


Like Azure Seeds, if you find yourself with an abundance of Jade Seeds, you might consider pulling the Jade Seed Gacha to try your hand at some 4-star accessories. However, please note that 4-star accessories can be farmed fairly easily later in the game once you are able to tackle Expert content, so you are not advised to make this gacha your priority early on. 


d. General Tips on What Not to Spend Your Resources On


  1. Keep skill levels for last as gems are hard to obtain and should only be used on gear you will keep for an extended period. Please note that skill levels only affect gear equipped in main slots. Support items do not benefit from an increased skill level.
  2. Don’t upgrade your accessories too much until you are able to obtain powerful 4-star accessories from the Nekia Trader, the shiny Search spots on the map, or from bosses (Expert / Grand Battle / Extra Battle).
  3. Any armor or accessory below 3-star should not be upgraded as you may easily obtain these from farming.
  4. Weapons below 3-star should not be upgraded extensively as you will eventually be able to get 3-star and above weapons for your Job.


e. Searching Shiny Map Spots



Have you noticed those shiny spots across the map? Those are called search spots! Clicking them will reward you with a random assortment of goodies, from elemental Pearls that you may redeem at the Nekia Trader to powerful 4-star rainbow accessories. Here is a list of the best places to search for 4-star rainbow accessories based on your class:



Recommended Accessory



Master Scroll                                  

Trading Post (Day)
Sanctuary Interior (Day)


Star Record

Jobari Forest (Day)
Jobari Forest (Night)
Mt. Stardust Summit (Night)


Evil-Warding Amulet

Jobari Village (Day)
Goddess’s Forest (Night
Edol Town (Day)



Fairy Forest (Day)
Fairy Forest Depths (Night)
Edol Plains (Day)


Guardian’s Cup

Goddess’s Forest (Day)
Mt. Stardust Mountain Trail (Night)


f. Limited-Time Events


In addition to the permanent avenues of farming, there are always a plethora of events occurring in Mitrasphere. Keep an eye out for them because these events are a great opportunity to reap additional rewards.


At the moment, we can split limited-time events into a few categories:



First, Mitrasphere hosts a series of side events where you can enjoy some fun story bits and face stages with relatively low CP requirements. These events will include great rewards for your first clears, including Sea Crystals, and will be your chance to gain exclusive equipment to spruce up your wardrobe. 


The equipment that drops from these events aren’t typically recommended to be used as your main or support gear as they are more for cosmetics. They are also a decent source of Azure and Jade Gems, allowing you to level up the skills of your main equipment.



Second are the more challenging events: Grand Battles. Grand Battles revolve around a specific boss. These battles are interesting even for relatively new players, as they will generally include mechanics that can be found in later Expert content, while still being reasonably easy to clear, at least for the first couple difficulties. 


Like other events, rewards for your first clears are generous, but it can also be very rewarding to farm them for their 4-star armor and accessories. As they offer interesting rewards in a limited time frame, you will be able to find other players to group with quite easily.



Lastly, Extra Battles are similar to Grand Battles in terms of challenge, except you will fight a boss you can already encounter in the Main Story Expert stages. While they are only available at specific times of the day, similar to the Crimson Seed Guerrilla, they are a great way to benefit from a high drop rate of Job-specific 4-star accessories, and a high concentration of players waiting for a group.


That’s it for Part 1 of this guide. Read on for PART 2, which dives into the later stages of the game and mechanics!


In the meantime, if you have questions about the gameplay or are looking for players to group up with to tackle content, hop on over to the unofficial community Discord!

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