"Great Zombie Exhibit" in Tokyo Keeps ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Hype Alive

Photo spaces, art displays, and goods are coming to baseyard tokyo this week

ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE - Great Zombie Exhibit in baseyard tokyo


It looks like the saga of Franchouchou is far from over, and all the upcoming ZOMBIE LAND SAGA activities this year seem to confirm that. Latest on the schedule is baseyard tokyo's "Great Zombie Exhibit," starting later this month and running into autumn.


The Great Zombie Exhibit seeks to demonstrate the charm of the series. Their key art depicts the seven undead idols "researching the city" in casual offstage looks, based on their adventures in the episode "The SAGA of an Almost-Broken Radio" from the most recent season. The new art will be available on limited-edition goods including acrylic standees, clear files, and trading pins. There are plans to make the goods available by mail-order at a later date:




Purchases of 2,200 yen or more will include one of seven stamp-style Franchouchou stickers:


ZOMBIE LAND SAGA bonus stickers


You'll also be able to browse art and materials from the making of the series, and get your photo taken with life-sized Franchouchou standees.


The Great Zombie Exhibit at baseyard tokyo runs from July 13 to September 13. Admission to the exhibit is free.


Source: Comic Natalie


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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