VA Unit Sphere to Hold Their First Virtual Live Concert on August 22

Minako Kotobuki, who currently lives in the UK, will also participate



The official website for the four-member voice actress unit Sphere has announced that their first virtual concert "sphere Virtual Live Vol.1 Future Streaming -Virtual Tobidasphere-" is set to be held at 19:00 on August 22, 2021 (JST). The four will become 3D models and perform live in a virtual space. Because it is a virtual event, Minako Kotobuki, who currently lives in the UK, will be also able to participate.


Sphere was formed by the four winners of the Music Ray'n Super Voice Actor Audition - Haruka Tomatsu, Minako Kotobuki, Ayahi Takagaki, and Aki Toyosaki - in February 2009. "sphere Virtual Live Vol.1" will have been their first concert in 18 months since "Sphere 10th anniversary Live 2020" in February 2020.


In an interview with TV LIFE Web, Kotobuki explains, "Unlike a live performance at a real venue, everyone gathers at one venue in a virtual space, and we, the virtual sphere, perform live. The advantage is that every one of the audience will be able to enjoy the live performance in a front-row seat in the virtual space." Then Ayahi Takagaki adds, "You need special goggles to enjoy it in VR, but you can also enjoy 360-degree images on your smartphone or tablet, or you can use a browser to enjoy it like a normal live video."


"Sphere Virtual Live Vol.1 Future Streaming -Virtual Tobidasphere-" will be held at the VR live platform VARK, and the ticket price is 5,980 yen (54.36 USD). Platforms that support the VR ticket are Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and PlayStation VR.








VARK introduction PV:



Source: sphere official website / Twitter


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