Spy Action TV Anime TESLA NOTE Reveals New Key Visual and Cast

Adaptation based on Kodansha-published comic book hits Japanese TV in October of 2021

Botan Negoro puts up her dukes and smiles in a scene from the upcoming TESLA NOTE TV anime.


Hold on to your weird technology, because a new key visual and new cast members have been revealed for TESLA NOTE, an upcoming TV anime based on the spy action manga written by Mafasumi Nishida and Tadayoshi Kubo and illustrated by Kouta Sannomiya that follows a young ninja girl trying to gather up forbidden fragments left behind by the inventor Nikola Tesla.


The new cast members include:


A character visual of Kyohei Himi from the upcoming TESLA NOTE TV anime. Kyohei is a chubby man with a smirking expression and slicked back, spiky hair. He wears a dress shirt, slacks, suspenders, and a tacky yellow tie.

Kazuya Nakai as Kyohei Himi.


A character setting of Jingo Negoro from the upcoming TESLA NOTE TV anime. Jingo is an elderly man with a balding head, thick eyebrows, and a mustache and goattee. He sports a scowling expressing and is dressed in a summer kimono, drooping socks, and getta wooden sandals.


Mugihito as Jingo Negoro.


A character setting of Kensuke Toriumi from the upcoming TESLA NOTE TV anime. Kensuke is a stern looking, bearded man with dark hair and dark eyes. He dresses in a businesss shirt and tie with matching gray striped vest and slacks.


Hidenobu Kiuchi as Kensuke Toriumi.


A character setting of Lily Steinem from the upcoming TESLA NOTE TV anime. Lily is a slender woman with dark skin and dark hair. She dresses in a stylish business-casual pant suit and high heels.


And Shizuka Ito as Lily Steinem.



In TESLA NOTE, renowned inventor Nikola Tesla left behind a record of all of his secret inventions in fragments of crystal known as "Notes". Botan Negoro, a girl raised as a ninja, is assigned to recovers these "Notes" after a mysterious incident in Norway. Together with Kuruma, the self-proclaimed "Number 1 intelligence agent", Botan seeks to track down and collect the "Notes", but to do so she must contend with enemy spies from all over the world.


A new key visual for the upcoming TESLA NOTE TV anime, featuring the main characters striking dramatic poses against the background of a cityscape at night while the main character, Botan Negoro, reaches for an electrified wand.


The original TESLA NOTE manga is serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine. The TESLA NOTE TV anime is directed by Michio Fukuda and features animation production by Gambit. The series is scheduled to broadcast in Japan beginning in October of 2021.




Comic Natalie


Copyright notice: © Masafumi Nishida・Tadayoshi Kubo・Kouta Sannomiya・Kodansha / Mission T


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