5 South Australians Arrested For Returning to Game Store Where They Allegedly Stole Digimon Cards

The police have Tai'd them up for questioning

Digimon Adventure:


They say that a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime, but in this story from Adelaide, South Australia, the alleged perpetrators not only returned once but twice! Posted on the official South Australian police website today, five people were arrested for allegedly breaking into a game store in the state's capital and stealing rare Digimon cards along with some board games.


The post, pun-ishingly titled "Gotta catch 'em all! Five people arrested over trading card theft in Adelaide" (due to the wrong series being reference!), outlines that on August 10, a patrol was sent to a local games store at 9:30 AM after it had been broken into with a "large number of rare Digimon trading cards and board games stolen."


It didn't take long for the cards to return to the store though, as later that day at around 1:15 AM a man walked into the store to get those same stolen cards evaluated so they could be sold. The shop owner recognized the cards and called the police. The suspect then led them to a house where more of the stolen cards were found and two more suspects were arrested


Then again later that day at 3 PM, another person walked into the same store to get more of the stolen cards valued. Instead, the shopkeeper played his trap card and the police were called, arresting the man on the spot. The police shared an image of the stolen Digimon cards:


Stolen Digimon cards


The five suspects were charged with "serious criminal trespass, unlawful possession, and theft by receiving" and the police are currently on the lookout for one more suspect currently holding onto some Digimon cards – which honestly should narrow it down quite a bit, especially in the small Australia city of Adelaide.


Source: South Australian Police


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