Armored Heroes Assemble in SHIKIZAKURA TV Anime Trailer

New cast members revealed for upcoming original production which hits Japanese TV in October of 2021

Teenage boy Kakeru Miwa and sentient armor Ibara combine to form an unstoppable fighting machine in a scene from the upcoming SHIKIZAKURA TV anime.


An action-packed new trailer and two new cast members have been revealed for SHIKIZAKURA, an upcoming original science fiction / action TV anime featuring creative talent from the Tokai region of Japan.


A character setting for Endou and Koala Illusion from the upcoming SHIKIZAKURA TV anime. Endou is a wild-looking young man with dyed blonde hair wearing a choker necklace, a fur-lined jacket, a V-neck crimson shirt, white slacks, and loafers with no socks. Koala Illusion is a threatening-looking spectre shaped like a nightmarish koala bear.


In SHIKIZAKURA, the characters of Endou and Koala Illusion (pictured above) are portrayed by Mushimegane and Toshimitsu, respectively. Mushimegane and Toshimitsu are both members of Tokai On Air, a YouTuber group based in Aichi Prefecture. Endou is a veteran stage actor who puts everything into his roles, while Koala Illusion is a hallucinatory being that appears and whispers to him.



Set in a world where monstrous creatures known as "Oni" routinely attack and devour human beings, the story of SHIKIZAKURA follows a Kakeru Miwa, a young man who accidentally dons a powered armor suit known as a "yoroi" and fights back against the Oni. Using the yoroi, which combines ancient secrets with cutting edge technology, Kakeru aims to become a hero that can protect people from the Oni, and so he joins the team that defends Ouka Myoujin, a shrine maiden who is destined to banish the Oni and save the world.


A new key visual for the upcoming SHIKIZAKURA TV anime featuring the main characters and their corresponding powered armor suits as well as a the shrine maiden Ouka Myoujin posing while flanked by cherry blossom trees and a blood red moon.


SHIKIZAKURA is directed by Shinya Sugai and Go Kurasaki and features animation production by SUBLIMATION. The series is scheduled to broadcast in Japan beginning in October of 2021.


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