Gen Sato Voices The Lead in SUNRISE BEYOND's Original Robot Anime Kyoukai Senki

Nobuyoshi Habara (Yamato 2202)-directed series will premiere on October 4



The official website for the forthcoming new original TV anime Kyoukai Senki (literally means Boundary War Machine) has revealed its two leads voice actors - Gen Sato (Chrome in DR.STONE) as the protagonist Amou Shiiba and Natsumi Fujiwara (Kabane Kusaka in Kemono Jihen) as his partner I-LeS Gai.







The TV anime Kyoukai Senki is set o premiere on TV Tokyo on October 4, 2021, then on MBS on the following day, and on BS 11 on October 8. It will also be streamed on BANDAI SPIRITS' official YouTube channel from October 6. The first ten minutes of its first episode has been streamed on BANDAI SPIRITS' official YouTube channel since July.






Story introduction:


In 2061 AD, Japan is dominated. Divided and ruled by the four major economic blocs of the world, the Japanese people spent their days oppressed as subjugated citizens. Japan became the front line of the world where AMAIM, a human-type special mobile weapon deployed by each economic zone, strode about.. One day, Amou Shiiba, a boy who loves machines, meets i-LeS (autonomous thinking AI) named "Gai," and this leads him to throw himself into the battle to reclaim Japan, by piloting the AMAIM "Kenbu" built by himself.



Main staff:


  • Director: Nobuyoshi Habara (Space Battleship Yamato 2202)
  • Series Composition: Noboru Kimura (Gundam Build Divers)
  • Character Design: Kenichi Onuki (Metal Armor Dragonar)
  • Mechanic Design: Yuya Koyanagi (KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN), Kanetake Ebigawa, Kenji Teraoka, Ippei Gyoubu
  • Mechanic Design Supervisor: Kiyoyuki Okuyama (KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN)
  • Music: Rasmus Faber (The Asterisk War)
  • Production: SUNRISE BEYOND



Key visual:




Source: TV anime "Kyoukai Senki" official website  / Twitter




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