Last Gasp to Publish Two Books by Keiji Nakazawa in 2022

Prose memoir Barefoot Gen Can't Forget and manga I Saw It are on the way

Publisher Last Gasp has two new titles on the way in English, both of which are by manga author Keiji Nakazawa (Barefoot Gen). The first is Nakazawa's prose memoir, Hadashi no Gen wa Pikadon o Wasurenai, which is coming over as Barefoot Gen Can't Forget, and the second is the similarly themed autobiographical manga, Ore wa Mita (I Saw It). 


Both detail the atomic bombing of Hiroshima from a survivor's perspective. I Saw It was previously published in 1982 by EduComics, and Last Gasp said in a reply on Twitter that their release will "probably" also be in color like that one. 


Previous edition covers of Barefoot Gen Can't Forget:



And I Saw It






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