Free!-the Final Stroke- Anime Film Goes Even Faster in Newly Released Trailer

The first part opens in Japan on September 17

Free!-the Final Stroke-


After being delayed a week, fans of the Free! franchise finally got another look at the upcoming two-part anime film with a brand new trailer for the first part of Free!-the Final Stroke-, which is set to be released on September 17 in Japan. The trailer ponders the question, in perfect English, "what are you swimming for?"



The trailer was set to be released last week, but due to the theme song artists OLDCODEX being on break due to one of the members Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who also voices Makoto in the franchise, being on break for "physical and mental fatigue," it was delayed while they reworked the theme song out of the trailer. The trailer was originally cut around the song, which was omitted from the released version.


Free!-the Final Stroke-


Free!–the Final Stroke– is being advertised as the “final chapter” of the franchise with the first part scheduled to be released on September 17, 2021, and the second part scheduled to be released on April 22, 2022. Catch up with the splash on Crunchyroll with all the TV anime seasons of Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club streaming now.


Source: Kyoto Animation on YouTube


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Daryl Harding is a Japan Correspondent for Crunchyroll News. He also runs a YouTube channel about Japan stuff called TheDoctorDazza, tweets at @DoctorDazza, and posts photos of his travels on Instagram

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