Macross Delta's Walküre Reborn! Album Unveils Cover Art and Intense PV

See the galactic idol group gear up for action

Walküre from Macross Delta


Walküre fights on in the upcoming Macross Delta the Movie: Absolute LIVE!!!!!! And if you're as hyped about their new songs as we are, we've got a music video you need to see.


The new film will include lots of new music, including the galatic idol group's "Walküre wa Akiramenai." A single-chorus cut of the song is up on FlyingDog YouTube Channel now, set to a battle-ready music video featuring the stars:



The song will be included on the group's third album, Walküre Reborn! The CD will consist of 12 tracks by the in-universe Macross Delta group. In addition to insert songs from upcoming film, there will also be five newly-recorded solo songs — one for each member of the group.


The cover for the album has been revealed, with art by Macross Delta character artist Chisato Mita:


Macross Delta: Walküre Reborn!


A standard edition will be available, as well as a limited edition including a Blu-ray of this year's Air Walküre Premium LIVE 2021 at Zepp Haneda.


Walküre Reborn! drops on October 13, and the Macross Delta the Movie: Absolute LIVE!!!!!! soundtrack will follow on October 20.


Source: Anime! Anime!


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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