Make Your Own Sukuna Fingers With This JUJUTSU KAISEN Molding

It'll be finger-lickin' good!

JUJUTSU KAISEN Sakuna finger


While it might be hard to find Sukuna's own fingers from JUJUTSU KAISEN just laying about to be eaten (not to mention a little be gross!), you'll be able to hang with the cool kids and eat all the fingers you want with this new molding that lets you create your own fingers – minus the cursed energy of course!


The example images show two examples for the fingers, a chocolate finger (plus nut), or as ice, letting Sukuna keep your drink cool. Note that they will not give you superpowers or a weirdly attractive soul mate.


JUJUTSU KAISEN Sakuna finger


JUJUTSU KAISEN Sakuna finger


JUJUTSU KAISEN Sakuna finger


The JUJUTSU KAISEN moulding is available for pre-order now for a cool 3,780 yen (US$34.38) at Premium Bandai's online until September 24 for a January 2022 delivery. So, if you want these fingers, you better get your fingers clacking as fast as you can!





Jujutsu Kaisen


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