Hetalia ~The world is wonderful~ Musical Shares Cheerful Cast Photos

Upcoming show will feature returning cast members from previous HetaMyu shows

Musical Hetalia


The next Hetalia musical has a title, a schedule, and (most importantly) pretty cast photos!


Hidekaz Himaruya's popular comic, in which nations are personified as handsome (and weird) boys, will be getting another musical adaptation at the end of this year. The show follow three previous "HetaMyu" adaptations, including 2018's A World in the Universe — advertised at the time as the "final" HetaMyu.


The new musical is based on Hetalia: World Stars and is titled Hetalia ~The world is wonderful~. The cast, featuring actors returning from previous HetaMyu, has been photographed in costume with swirling flower petals.


Ryoki Nagae as Italy


Keisuke Ueda as Japan


Ryuko Isogai as America


Daisuke Hirose as England


Juri Aikawa as France


Yuuki Yamaoki as Russia


Taishi Sugie as China


ROU (a.k.a. Takuya Kikuchi) as Austria


James Takeshi Yamada as Spain


Gaku Tamamoto as Prussia


Yuuta Higuchi as South Italy/Romano


Kotaro Yoshitani and Yuusei Naruse return as director and writer, respectively.


Hetalia ~The world is wonderful~ will be performed at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA's WW HALL December 16-19, and at Prince Hotel Shinagawa's Stellar Ball December 23-31.


Source: Comic Natalie


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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