Every One Piece Manga Volume Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies Physically

Oricon reports that the 100th volume sold 1.173 million copies in its first week

Luffy Wakes From a Nap


According to Japanese tracking company Oricon, who tracks the physical releases of media in Japan, with the release of the historic 100th volume of the One Piece manga, all 100 volumes have physically sold 1 million copies according to the platform, all well as had 50 of the last 51 volumes debut at 1st place on the manga ranking charts, with only JUJUTSU KAISEN's 16th volume ranking above One Piece's 99th volume earlier this year.


Another Oricon record that One Piece currently holds is that it is the only series to have a volume debut at 1st place every year since tracking started 14 years ago, with Attack on Titan coming up second with a volume debuting at number one over 11 years. 


Attack on Titan is also the second-most series with each volume over 1 million copies sold at 34 volumes, Naruto at 3rd place with 31 volumes, Haikyu!! at 4th place also with 31 volumes, and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba at 25 volumes, including special releases that also sold over 1 million copies.


In total, One Piece has printed (physically) and sold (digitally) at least 490 million copies around the world. Oricon only tracks the physical sales at some, but not all, retailers, meaning that it's likely each volume has sold more than one million volumes each.


Source: Oricon


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