Ayana Taketatsu Releases Two Lyric Videos from Her Food-themed Concept Album

A special web program to celebrate the album's release was also live-streamed



One day after the release of her food-themed concept album "Méli-mélo meli mellow" in Japan, voice actress Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa Nakano in K-ON!, Kirino Kosaka in Oreimo) posted lyric videos for two songs from the album, "Sekai ga Isshun dake Koi wo Suru youna Jikan" (A time when the world seems to fall in love for just one moment) and "Otsukimi Dango wa Banka ni Hieta" (Moon viewing dumplings cooled in late summer), on YouTube.


The 12-song album includes ten of her previously released food-themed songs, as well as these two newly-recorded songs. "Sekai ga Isshun dake Koi wo Suru youna Jikan" was written/composed by Soshina (a member of Japanese comedy unit Shimoruri Myojyo), who performed with her at an event last year in 2020, while "Otsukimi Dango wa Banka ni Hieta" was written/composed/arranged by Yamato Kasai (the five-member musical unit Mili guitarist), who collaborated with her for the smartphone game app DEEMO.




"Sekai ga Isshun dake Koi wo Suru youna Jikan" lyric video:



"Otsukimi Dango wa Banka ni Hieta" lyric video: 




Also, she live-streamed a special program on YouTube on the album's release day. She wore a yukata and introduced each song on the album while eating sweets!





Song List:



 2. "OH MY SUGAR FEELING!" (TV anime Dagashi Kashi 2 OP theme)

 3. "Marshmallow"

 4. "Strawberry☆Kiss"

 5. "Kajirikake no Ringo" (TV anime Denkigai no Honya-san OP theme)

 6. "Nenju・Ai wa・Mukyu"

 7. "Rice COMEnication"


 9. "Hey! Calorie Queen" (TV anime Dagashi Kashi ED theme)

 10. "Rice to Meat You"

 11. "Sekai ga Isshun dake Koi wo Suru youna Jikan" (new song)

 12. "Otsukimi Dango wa Banka ni Hieta" (new song)



First press limited edition CD jacket:



Standard edition:



Latest artist photo: 



Sources: Ayana Taketatsu official website, Pony Canyon official anime YouTube channel




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