Otaku Run Wild in Rumble Garanndoll Original TV Anime Trailer

New key visual revealed for upcoming "subculture vs. parallel world army" project from Masaomi Andou and Lerche

Musashi Sashigami gleefully commands a team of foot soldiers during an anti-pop culture raid in a scene from the upcoming Rumble Garanndoll TV anime.


Hang on to your pop culture, because a new key visual and a new preview video have been published for Rumble Garanndoll, an upcoming original TV anime that pits a bunch of subculture nerds and their giant robot against the armed forces of a parallel world Japan that never left the Showa era.



Rumble Garanndoll is set in 2029, ten years after an interdimensional rift opens between Japan and Shinkoku Nippon, an alternate version of Japan that never left the militancy of the early Showa Era. Using a technology-nullifying "phantom gas" and giant humanoid robots called "Garann", Shinkoku Nippon invades and conquers Japan, forming the puppet nation of Genkoku Nippon and preventing the Reiwa Era from beginning.


Under the harsh censorship of Genkoku Nippon, Japanese pop culture (such as anime, manga, and idols) is all but extinct. However, a small group of pop culture defenders known as "Arahabaki" rally behind the cry of "Otaku is not dead!". Using "Garandoll", a secret weapon powered by otaku girls, Arahabaki fights back against Shinkoku Nippon.


A new key visual for the upcoming Rumble Garanndoll TV anime, featuring the main cast of otaku and their giant robot as well as the villainous members of the Genkoku Nippon occupation army.


Rumble Garanndoll is directed by Masaomi Andou and features animation production by Lerche. The series is scheduled to broadcast in Japan on AT-X, TOKYO MX, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, and BS11 beginning on October 11, 2021. Rumble Garanndoll will also stream in the United States via Funimation as part of their fall 2021 anime simulcast lineup.


Source: Comic Natalie


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