Monogatari Series: Second Season Audiobooks Continue Audiobook Release Campaign On Amazon Audible in Japan

Anime cast members selected to read additional volumes in series


The Japanese arm of Amazon's Audible audiobook platform has announced additional audiobook entries in the Monogatari Series of novels written by Nisioisin. Following the release of the first wave of audiobook editions in February to mark the First Season of novels, the next wave of titles comprising the Second Season will begin releasing Friday, September 17th in Japan. Miyuki Sawashiro is the reader for Nekomonogatari (white) which will be the first one released, Yui Horie will read HanamonogatariShinichiro Miki will read Otorimonogatari: Decoy Story and Yuka Iguchi will read Kabukimonogatari



Eri Kitamura will read Onimonogatari, and Satsuki Yukino will read Kobukimonogatari.   Pricing is set at ¥3500 per volume for Nekomonogatari (white), Kabukimonogatari, Hanamonogatari, Otorimonogatari: Decoy story, and Onimonogatari, while Koimonogatari will be priced at ¥3000. Each subsequent audiobook volume in the Second Season of novels will be released monthly until February 2022.


SOURCE: Mantan Web, Moca-News
Illustration: VOFAN (©) NISIOISIN/Kodansha Ltd. 


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