Cowboy Bebop Showrunner Says the Live-Action Series Expands the Canon of the Original Anime

"I promise we will never take the original anime away from the purists," says showrunner Nemec

Netflix's Cowboy Bebop


With Netflix's Cowboy Bebop live-action remake on the horizon, showrunner André Nemec spoke with Entertainment Weekly about how he came to learn about the original TV anime series (it was through Yoko Kanno's wonderful score, who returns for the live-action version), as well as how his version of the characters will fit into the canon of the original anime series.


André Nemec said in the interview that he promises "we will never take the original anime away from the purists. It will always exist out there. But I'm very excited about the stories that we're telling." He goes on to that say that he believes "we've done a really nice job of not violating the canon in any direction but merely offering some extra glimpses into the world that was already created." In fact, he believes that the new series will be "an expansion to the canon" that will "add things" to the already established and much-loved anime series.


Nemec went on to explain that his team "got under the skin of who the live-action characters" are by looking back at how they were portrayed in the anime series. Going on to say that they mined "the archetypal nature of the characters [from the anime]" and dug out "histories that we wanted to explore," taking loose questions of their backstories and weaving them into the new series. 


The new series didn't want to tread the exact same ground as the anime did, with Nemec telling Entertainment Weekly that "to just redo the anime will leave an audience hungry. He heaped praise on Shinichiro Watanabe's original, proclaiming that "the anime did an amazing job. We don't need to serve the exact same meal. I think it would have been disappointing if we did."



You can read the full interview, including quotes from John Cho, who will be playing Spike, over on Entertainment Weekly.


Cowboy Bebop is set to hit the stars on Netflix on November 19.


Source: Entertainment Weekly


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