Manhua Hyoujin -BLADES OF THE GUARDIANS Gets Animated Adaptation

Colored Pencil Animation Group provides animation production for historical comic by Xianzhe Xu

A promotional image for the upcoming Hyoujin -BLADES OF THE GUARDIANS animation series, featuring the main cast of Sui Empire era mercenaries posing with their weapons.


Hyoujin -BLADES OF THE GUARDIANS, a popular historical martial arts manhua by Xianzhe Xu about a group of mercenaries embroiled in the machinations of a young empire, is getting an animated adaptation in China with animation production from Colored Pencil Animation Group, a studio that seeks to publish its works in Japan and other international markets.


So far, no further details about the animation (such as the cast, the crew, and the release date) have yet been revealed, although a grim and violent promotional video (below) has been published for the project.


Set in 607 ACE during a tumultuous period at the tail end of the Sui Dynasty (581 - 618 ACE), Hyoujin -BLADES OF THE GUARDIANS follows the exploits of Dāomǎ, a mercenary who carves out a living by the strength of his arm and the sharpness of his sword. When Dāomǎ accepts an escort mission to the capital of Chang'an, he soon finds more than he bargained for as he becomes embroiled in an intrigue involving conspiracies within the empire and the oppression of ethnic minorities.


Source: Anime! Anime!


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