Yuki Kaji and Mayu Mineda Are Otters for Shinagawa Aquarium Attraction

Augmented reality smart phone app lets visitors enjoy the adventures of Shura and Nico

In a bit of otterly adorable news, Shinagawa Aquarium in Shinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special audio attraction featuring the voice talents of Yuki Kaji and Mayu Mineda as the otters Shura and Nico, respectively.


A promotional image for the Shura to Nico no Shinamizu Daibouken attraction that runs from October 1, 20217 - March 03, 2022 at the Shinagawa Aquarium in Shinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan. The poster feature cartoon illustrations of the otters Shura and Nico as awell as jellyfish, a penguin, a seal, a dolphin, a sea turtle, and various fish.


The attraction is entitled "Shura to Nico no Shinamizu Daibouken" ("Shura and Nico's Quality Water Great Adventuredai"), and it will run at the Shinagawa Aquarium from Octobe 17, 2021 - March 07, 2021. During that time, guests at the aquarium can experience a free A.R. ("augmented reality") audio guide using Sony's Locatone smart phone app in which Shura and Nico explore the aquarium with them and comment on the various animals that they meet there.


Source: MoCa


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