Preview the Combat for Mecha Tactical Battler Super Robot Wars 30

Voice actress Karin Takahashi guides us through gameplay for the upcoming anniversary game

Super Robot Wars 30 Gameplay preview


Whether you're an old hand at Super Robot Wars or preparing for your first adventure in its mecha multiverse, Bandai Namco's latest preview video will prepare you for the battle ahead.


The new vid previews combat for Super Robot Wars 30, the series's anniverary title and its first global release (outside of the non-crossover Original Generations games). Your guide is, appropriately enough, game warship chief operator Lian Anbird — or, rather, her voice actress Karin Takahashi. You'll get a look at Lian and other game-original characters in the footage, which kicks off with an appearance from Üso Ewin and Haro from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.



Long-time players will notice that things are effectively the same from an operational standpoint — right down to that music letting you know a second wave of baddies has arrived. The screens have gotten a nice upgrade, making all your fighters' stats easily visible. For new players, it's a good look at the top-down tactical system, how you can size up your enemies before sending your robots after them, and how attacks translate into cut scenes.


Super Robot Wars 30 comes out October 28.


Source: 876TV on YouTube


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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