Comiket Asks Attendees to Go Get Vaccinated Ahead of Winter Event

Though, will not deny entry to unvaccinated people

Comiket 96

Tokyo Big Sight for Comiket 96 (photo: Daryl Harding)


The official Twitter account for Comiket on Monday urged everyone that is planning to attend Comiket 99, which is currently scheduled for December 30 and 31, to be vaccinated, saying that as more people are vaccinated in Japan against COVID-19, cases will go down and restrictions on venues may be lifted. Though, the website for the event states that "everyone will be accepted," and won't be denying entry to those who haven't had the vaccine.





The Tweet comes a few months before the event, giving those who are planning to attend the ability to wait for the maximum of 28 days between shots for the Moderna vaccine, which is now readily available in the Tokyo area, as well as the 21 days for the Pfizer shots. Comiket states it will be measuring the temperatures of everyone who attends and will be forcing everyone to buy tickets for the event ahead of the day in case of an outbreak and contact tracing needs to happen.


In an article from August announcing the event, Comiket stated that (emphasis ours) "Vaccination is ultimately left to the discretion of the individual and we will not force participants to vaccinate. However, from the viewpoint of the health of the public, we would appreciate it if those attending could comprehensively consider the outcomes of vaccination, the benefits to yourself and those around you, and if there is no particular reason why you can't, get completely vaccinated ahead of the event. If you are worried about getting the vaccine, please obtain scientifically correct information from the following websites and use them to inform your decision on getting vaccinated." The links then lead to the Japanese Ministry of Health, which states unequivocally that the vaccines are safe.



(Photo: Daryl Harding)


Winter Comiket 99 is scheduled for December 30 and 31 and is returning completely to Tokyo Big Sight after its East Halls were closed for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Tickets will be available through a lottery and announced at a later stage, though it is highly unlikely that Japan will open its borders in time for the event.


Source: Comiket on Twitter


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