TV Anime My Dress-Up Darling 1st PV Announces Its January 2022 Premiere Date, Two Main VAs

Hina Suguta & Shoya Ishige voice the leads in the cosplay-themed series



The official website for the forthcoming TV anime adaptation of Shinichi Fukuda's cosplay-themed rom-com manga Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (The Bisque Doll Fells in Love) / My Dress-Up Darling has posted a 70-second first PV to announce its premiere date of January 2022 and two main voice cast members. 


Hina Suguta (Toko Kirigaya in BanG Dream!) is cast as the main heroine Marin Kitagawa, who has always wanted to cosplay but has never been able to make a costume, while Shoya Ishige (Yun Arikawa in Godzilla Singular Point) plays the male protagonist Wakana Gojo, a first-year high school boy with a passion to become "Kashirashi" (craftsman of the heads for traditional hina dolls) who is asked to make cosplay costumes for Marin.



1st PV:





Message from Hina Suguta:


I've read the original manga, and it's full of love, cosplay, admiration, hobbies, and all sorts of "likes." I was so shocked, "What a dazzling world...!" I am so happy to be able to be involved in such a world as Marin. She is so straightforward about her feelings, so I also try my best to face my feelings in each recording session. I hope you'll look forward to watching the two of them as they spend the time of their youth with all their might, both in love and in cosplay. And I'd be even happier if this series could join your "favorite" list.





Message from Shoya Ishige:


In a nutshell, "Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru" is just precious. It makes my heart ache so hard, and above all, it's beautiful. I am happy to be able to live as Wakana in this Kisekoi world. I'm trying to keep the innocence and depth of the character, who is timid and not good at asserting himself, and I will do my best to bring you the wonderful Kisekoi world. Please look forward to the broadcast starting in January!






The manga has been serialized in Square Enix's Young Gangan since January 2018 and eight tankobon volumes have been available in Japan. Under the title My Dress-Up Darling, its English edition has been released from Square Enix Manga & Books since April 2020.


The story centers on Wakana Gojo, a first-year high school boy with a passion to become "Kashirashi," a craftsman of the heads for traditional hina dolls. He is serious and devoted to making dolls, but he is not familiar with the trends of his generation and has a hard time fitting in with his classmates. For Wakana, Marin Kitagawa, the popular girl who is always at the center of the class circle, is like a resident of another world. But one day, an unexpected turn of events leads him to share a secret with her. Marin, who has always wanted to cosplay but has never been able to make a costume, asks Wakana to make one for her--.



1st key visual:



Main staff:


  • Director: Keisuke Shinohara (A3!)
  • Series Composition/Screenplay: Yoriko Tomita (Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose)
  • Character Design, Chief Animation Director: Kazumasa Ishida (Saekano the Movie: Finale chief animation director)
  • Music: Takeshi Nakatsuka
  • Sound Director: Akiko Fujita
  • Anime Production: CloverWorks




Source: Aniplex press release


©Shinichi Fukuda/SQUARE ENIX, "Kisekoi" Production Committee


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