Girls Go Golfing in Sorairo Utility Sports Anime

Original production by Yostar Pictures teases key staff and key visual

Fore! It looks like there's an all-new, girls-and-golf-themed sports anime on the way, because director Kengo Saito and animation studio Yostar Pictures have announced an original production entitled Sorairo Utility ("Sky-Blue Utility").


A key visual for the upcoming Sorairo Utility anime, featuring a trio of high school girls dressed in golfing clothes sitting in a golf cart near the woods on the edge of the green. The central girl grasps a driver with a nervous expression on her face, while the other two girls smile for the camera.


Aside from the director, the production studio, and the key visual above, no further details about Sorairo Utility have yet been revealed. Yostar Pictures has previously provided key animation for various TV anime and also created animated preview videos for video games such as Azur Lane and Arknights. Sorairo Utility marks their first completely original anime production.


Source: Comic Natalie


Copyright notice: © 2021 Yostar Pictures, Inc. All rights reserved.


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