Code Geass Collab Café Will Celebrate Winter Wonders

"Winter Celebration" theme observes national holidays like Lelouch's birthday

Code Geass: Winter Celebration


Winter months bring with them all sorts of wonderful holidays: Christmas, New Year's, Lelouch's birthday... and an upcoming collab café event will cover them al.


Code Geass Café -Winter Celebration- will offer seasonal treats based on the popular series, including desserts for the extra-special days during its run. On the regular, you can order up character-inspired dishes like chicken steak, demi-glace steak, and mille feuille. Each comes with a rosetta-shaped bookmark of its respective character (Lelouch, Subaru, or Nunnaly):


Chicken steak (their words, not ours)

Demi-Glace steak

Mille feuille


Also on the menu are fancy Ashford Academy Student Council treats, like shrimp with mushroom and cream pasta and a fancy afternoon tea:


Shrimp with Mushroom and Cream Pasta

Student Council Afternoon Tea


There's even birthday cake for Lelouch:


Lelouch's Birthday Cake


If you're feeling especially festive, there will also be special Christmas and New Year's parfaits:


Christmas Parfait

New Year's Parfait


And there's a menu with character-inspired drinks, coffee, and tea:


Code Geass character drinks

Tea and coffee


Order off the food menu to get a free clear file, and off the drink menu for a coaster:


Patron gifts


Exclusive goods at the café include clear files, keychains, trading pins, collectible spoons, a satin pouch, an acrylic art board, and two styles of acrylic standees:


Clear file



Collectible spoons

Satin pouch

Acrylic art board

Acrylic stands

Acrylic stands


The café will run from December 2 to January 23 at the Tokyo BOX cafe&space.


Source: Comic Natalie


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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