Winner Winner Ramen Dinner — Naruto Is Now in Fortnite!

Check out the cosmetics, special items, and a look at Hidden Leaf Village

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Earlier this week, we found out that everyone's favorite ninja boy in orange will be following in the footsteps of superheroes, Sith lords, and John Wick before him — with a dive into the world of Fortnite. The collaboration with NARUTO SHIPPUDEN went live today, and we've got a look at all the ninja nonsense you can partake in when you log in.



New cosmetics will let you go toe-to-toe with — and as — Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and Sasuke:


Naruto cosmetic

Sakura cosmetics

Kakashi cosmetics

Sasuke cosmetic + weapons


You'll also be able to use the new Paper Bomb Kunai weapon. And if you can find Kakashi (and distract him from his reading), you'll get ninja-themed quests to perform. Plus, there are new Naruto-themed emotes, and you can make your way down to the island on a Kurama-shaped glider.


Naruto emotes

Kurama glider


When you're done fighting, head over to Fortnite Creative and visit Konohagakure. The game's sandbox mode will be hosting a recreation of the Hidden Leaf Village:


Hidden Leaf Village

Hidden Leaf Village


Hed over to the Epic Games blog for more information.


Incidentally, this marks Fortnite's first official crossover with an anime series — but hopefully not its last.


Source: Epic Games


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