Yoshie Kaoruhara's Police & Yakuza Buddy Manga Kei x Yaku Gets Live-action TV Drama

Takafumi Hatano (Silent Tokyo) serves as the director



Kei x Yaku - Abunai Aibou (Dangerous Partner)-, Yoshie Kaoruhara's popular manga that is currently being serialized on Kodansha's manga app Palcy and has surpassed 10 million views on the web, will be adapted into a live-action TV drama series.


The "forbidden buddy" story centers on Ichiro Kunishita, a straight-laced public security agent, and Shiro Hanabusa, a mysterious yakuza, who enter into a fake "lover's contract" in order to hide their cooperative relationship from everyone around them. The title Kei x Yaku has a double meaning of "Police (Keisatsu) and Yakuza" and "contract" (keiyaku in Japanese).


29-year-old Nobuyuki Suzuki (Koutaro Amon in the Tokyo Ghoul live-action film series) and 27-year-old Atsuhiro Inukai (Sento Kiryu in Kamen Rider Build) are cast as the two protagonists, Ichiro Kunishita and Shiro Hanabusa, respectively. The Takafumi Hatano (Silent Tokyo)-directed drama is set to premiere on Nihon TV/Yomiuri TV's "Platinum Night MokuDora" programming block on January 13, 2022.





Three years ago, a disappearance case, known as the "Joker Case," was suddenly closed without being solved. Ichiro Kunishita, an investigator from the Public Security Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department who was called for a reunion of the investigation, is ordered to take on a completely different mission. He is assigned to spy on and monitor Shiro Hanabusa, the young head of a designated gang clan. He is said to be a man of many mysteries who has risen to the rank of Wakagashira (young leading subordinate in yakuza group) since he joined the gang three years ago. In the course of his mission to get close to Shiro, Ichirou learns a shocking fact, and decides to make a fake "lover's contract" with him. Their secret investigation into the case gradually leads them to an incident that will shake the nation and their destiny--. 



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Tankobon 1st and 6th volume covers:



Source: "Kei x Yaku" TV drama official Twitter, Yoshie Kaoruhara official Twitter



© Yoshie Kaoruhara/KODANSHA


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