$400 Will Get You a Life-Size Lucario Plush That Could Beat You Up

Pokémon plush stands at nearly four feet tall

Life-Size Lucario


If you ever wanted to bring a giant Pokémon and a severely threatening aura into your home, there's a new life-size Lucario plush that fits the bill. For ¥46,300 (about US$400), you can own a soft and maybe-not-so-cuddly version of the Fighting- and Steel-Type Pokémon that could, if given the opportunity, definitely beat you up. 


The plush version may not weigh as much as the real Lucario, but you can stand it up in plenty of ways that will make you jump out of your socks every time you walk into the room. Here are a few more of the Pokémon Center's suggestions:



If Lucario is being a real jerk, you can always put it to work:



Orders are available through Japan's Pokémon Center until December 16, and Lucario is scheduled to ship near the end of May 2022. 


Via Kotaku




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