TV Anime Fanfare of Adolescence Introduces New Character Hayato Hosho Voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga

"It's a coming-of-age ensemble drama about jockeys that also depicts their emotional struggles."



The official website for the forthcoming horse racing school-themed TV anime Fanfare of Adolescence has revealed its seventh main character, Hayato Hosho to be voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Katsuki Yuri in Yuri!!! on ICE).  


The character is described as follows: "16 years old, born in Hokkaido. He has been winning prizes in horse riding competitions since he was in elementary school, but he failed the entrance exam to a horse riding school once, only to enter after trying again. He has a strong sense of responsibility and a serious personality, and acts like the class president who organizes the students around him."




Character visual with a tagline: "No one knows if it's right for you."




Toyonaga says of the anime: "I'm so excited! How do the candidates become jockeys? It's a coming-of-age ensemble drama about jockeys that also depicts their emotional struggles. I will do my best to play this role."



Toshiyuki Toyonaga:






The Lay-duce-produced TV anime Fanfare of Adolescence is set to premiere in Japan in the spring of 2022. Makoto Kato (Bloom Into You) is attached to direct, alongside character designer Hiro Kanzaki (Oreimo, Eromanga Sensei novel illustrator).



Teaser PV:



Yu Arimura (CV: Shogo Yano): "I'm not going back to being an idol."



Shun Kazanami: (CV: Shimba Tsuchiya): "You just need to listen to the horse's voice."



Amane Grace (CV: Natsuki Hanae) : "I'm not in a place like this because of my own will."



Aki Kyouriki (CV: Yojiro Itokawa) : "Being a jockey is not enough. I need to aim higher."



Soujiro Sakuraba (CV: Tatsumaru Tachibana): "Bloodline is one of talents, isn't it?": 



Eri Shimotsuki (CV: Inori Minase): "Getting rich quickly is also a worthy dream, isn't it? ": 



Source: Aniplex press release


©Fanfare Anime Project


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