Megaton Musashi Anime Continues Its Fight in Season 2 in Fall 2022

The first season is currently airing on Japanese TV

Megaton Musashi

Image via Level-5 on YouTube


Kid's TV anime Megaton Musashi, based on the Level-5 video game of the same name, is currently airing its first season on TV in Japan, but ahead of the finale, the official website confirmed that not only is a second season in the works, but it'll start in Fall 2022. The franchise follows a group of kids who pilot giant robots to protect the 1% of humanity that is left.


Series visual:

Megaton Musashi


Here's a rundown on what Megaton Musashi is about:


In an ordinary town, there are people who live peaceful and fulfilling lives. But they don't know that it is a false peace. The untold truth is ... the earth has already been destroyed and 99.9% of the human race has been wiped out by a mysterious alien force from outer space called the "Dracters." Eventually, a large hole was drilled in the earth and terraformed into a suitable environment for the aliens to live in. Humans have no choice but to hide in shelters to escape their watchful gaze. Waiting for the day of resurrection, which they do not know when it will come... The inhabitants of the shelter Ixia have had their memories of the day of destruction erased, and live a normal life in ignorant bliss. However, some of them, the "chosen ones," have become pilots, driving giant robots called "Rogue" and fighting against the aliens. Today, another new pilot is selected...


The Megaton Musashi TV anime premiered on Tokyo MX on October 1 in Japan from Yokai Watch film director Shigeharu Takahashi at OLM, with episodes streaming on the Level-5 and Bandai YouTube channels after airing. There is currently no English version of the series. The second season begins in Fall 2022.


Source: Megaton Musashi website


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