Watch Action-packed New Trailer for Tsuburaya Productions and Toei Animation's CG Anime Project KAIJU DECODE

A new trailer for the VR animation project has been also streamed



Toei Animation's official YouTube channel has started streaming a 60-second trailer for KAIJU DECODE, its original  CG anime project co-produced with Tsuburaya Productions (Ultraman series). The clip introduces the anime's two main characters, Mildred and Ray, and depicts their fierce battle against a giant monster (kaiju) named UKU in a deserted city.  





The project was revealed in November 2019 for its worldwide release in 2021. Although few details have been revealed as of yet, the project's official website writes, "Under the theme of 'A Tale of Kaiju and A Girl,' this project aim to produce a high quality animation that will be accepted by people of all ages overseas while utilizing the strengths of Japanese animation and new technology."


Toei Animation's Kouichi Noguchi (Expelled from Paradise, Kado: The Right Answer) and Tsuburaya's Masahiro Onda (Ultraman Zero The Movie, SSSS.GRIDMAN) have served as co-producers.





Meanwhile, the 1.1 version teaser trailer for "KAIJU DECODE -first contact-," the VR animation film from the project that can be watched from three viewpoints, has been also streamed on YouTube.





Voice cast


  • Mill: Marika Takano
  • Zora: Mayumi Shintani
  • DNA Hunter: Nobunaga Shimazaki




  • Director: S/N
  • Screenplay: Tetsuya Yamada
  • Music: Tadahiko Inoue
  • Anime Production: ARecT
  • VR Production: Gugenka
  • Production: Toei Animation 



Image visual:




Source: Toei Animation official YouTube channel


©Tsuburaya Prodcutions, Toei Animation


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