Anime Adaptation of Nami Sano's Migi & Dali Manga in The Works

The final 7th volume hits Japanese stores on December 15



Two days ahead of the release of its final seventh volume in Japan, it is announced today that an anime adaptation of Nami Sano's (Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto) Migi & Dali manga is now in the works. How and when it will be distributed are currently unknown.


The manga was serialized in KADOKAWA's Harta magazince from July 2017 to November 2021, and its last seventh volume is set to be released in Japan on December 15, 2021. 


Its story centers on Migi and Dali, beautiful twin boys who were in an orphanage. It takes place in Origon Village, a new town modeled after an American suburb in Kita-ku, Kobe City, in 1990. In this town, where wealthy residents live, a boy named Hitori comes to be adopted by the Sonoyama couple, who have had no children. He is a beautiful and intelligent boy, and Sonoyama and his wife are fascinated by him. However, Hitori has a big secret and a terrible purpose. The twins, Migi and Dali, switch places and work together to get to the truth behind their mother's death.



CM for the manga 1st volume:



Manga 1st and 7th volume covers:



Source: Animate Times




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