Dropkick on My Devil! to Get Another Extra Episode "Chapter Furano" Thanks to Hometown Tax

The Blu-ray will be shipped in July 2022 or later



Another new episode will be coming with the support of fans all over the country who love the cute evil god girl. The official Twitter for the Dropkick on My Devil! anime series has confirmed that the production of another extra episode "Chapter Furano" has gotten a green light thanks to the success of the hometown tax campaign. As reported, "Chapter Obihiro" and "Chapter Kushiro," both are set in a major city in Hokkaido, have been already in the works. 


Furusato Nouzei/Hometown Tax is a system in Japan that allows taxpayers who live in urban areas to contribute to rural areas with subtraction from income tax and residence tax, and the cities send their local products to donors in return. Furusato means hometown in Japanese, but in addition to their own hometown, taxpayers can pay tax anywhere they like or would love to help and encourage.


Following in the success of Chitose City in producing "Chapter Chitose" in January 2020, three more cities in Hokkaido - Kushiro, Obihiro, and Furano -, launched their own hometown tax project to collect the budget for an extra anime episode set in each city in October 2020. Kushiro reached its goal of 30 million yen (262,710 USD) in February 2021, and Obihiro followed in June of the year. And finally, Furano has reached its goal of 38 million yen (332,767 USD) this month.


The city of Furano, with a population of 20,675, is located in the center of Hokkaido, and is famous for the vast lavender fields owned by Farm Tomita as a tourist spot, so Jashin-chan in the key visual is holding a lavender flower and wearing its flower crown. The Blu-ray, which includes a newly-produced anime episodes featuring Furano's sightseeing spots and products, is scheduled to be shipped in July 2022 or later.



Key visual for Furano-city's hometown tax campaign:





For Kushiro-city



For Obihiro-city:



Meanwhile, the TV anime's third season Dropkick on My Devil!! X is set to premiere sometime in 2022.



Source: TV anime "Dropkick on My Devil!" official Twitter / Furano City


©Yukiwo, Comic METEOR/Jashin-chan Dropkick Production X Committee


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