Love Hina Creator Ken Akamatsu Eyes Japanese Parliament Seat 'to Protect Freedom of Expression'

Akamatsu is looking to run with Japan's LDP

Love Hina

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Love Hina and UQ HOLDER! creator Ken Akamatsu has spent the better part of his manga creating career trying to support his fellow creators in copyright policing, codifying Japan's community creator scene and keeping manga's content free from government and foreign regulations. This all came to a head today when Akamatsu confirmed on Twitter that he intends to run in next summer's House of Councillors (upper house) election, if the Liberal Democratic Party chooses to run him.





Translation of the above Tweet:


"As reported in some media outlets, I did have an interview at LDP headquarters.


I am committed to running for the House of Councillors next summer in order to protect freedom of expression.


The party is currently in the midst of the selection process. Once an official announcement is made, I will convey my intentions to you all once again.


Ken Akamatsu"


The Liberal Democratic Party — Japan's current ruling party — falls on the conservative side of the political spectrum. Though due to the internal make-up of the party itself, and the way the Japanese government has worked since 1955, its factions system changes policy depending on which faction has the most power. The lower house has more power than the upper house, which is where the Prime Minister of Japan sits.


Akamatsu explained in the Tweet that he's currently in the running to be selected for a seat to run for, though doesn't mention whether or not it'll be from one of Japan's 45 districts or through an open nationwide list where members are elected through proportional voting.


The manga creator has previously advised the government on a multitude of issues, including being summoned to speak about the future of manga to the government. Akamatsu is also the head of the Japan Cartoonists Association and spearheaded the use of the "Doujin" mark on the front of manga volumes with UQ HOLDER! to denote that those series are okay used as the source for fan-made works.


Source: Oricon


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