Yen Press Announces Shadows House, Mato Seihei no Slave, and More Manga for June 2022

See what else is in store as we wind down the year

North American publisher Yen Press took some time before the holidays to make some new license announcements today. Among the latest titles are five manga and one light novel, including so-ma-to's Shadows House, which recently inspired a TV anime adaptation that has a second season in the works, a new series from the creator of As Miss Beelzebub Likes it., and Mato Seihei no Slave, which is getting an anime of its own.


Here's what's on the way for June 2022




Magical Explorer 

Story: Iris

Art: Yukari Higa

Character design: Noboru Kannatuki




Living in the world of Magical★Explorer, the legendary erotic game, sounds like a dream. Problem is, I reincarnated not as the lady-killer protagonist with his overpowered cheat skills, but as his unlucky comic-relief best friend!


The Girl I Saved on the Train Turned Out to Be My Childhood Friend

Story: Kennoji

Art: You Midorikawa 

Character design: Fly




When high schooler Ryou Takamori steps in to save a girl on a crowded train, he never expected her to be his childhood friend Hina Fushimi. Though the two of them sit next to each other in class, they haven't spoken since middle school—but this heroic act may give Hina the push she needs to shorten the distance between them!


Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included

Story and art: matoba




Tarou Tokumitsu is a high schooler living all alone, when he encounters a pure and kind girl named Towa on his balcony. But who is she, really…? Matoba, author of As Miss Beelzebub Likes, brings you the latest cute and innocent romantic comedy!


Shadows House

Story and art: so-ma-to




Shadows House—a strange mansion that receives no callers, inhabited by a race of faceless shadows who play at being aristocrats and are waited on hand and foot by “living dolls,” who also serve as their masters' faces. What goes on inside this enigmatic manor is anyone's guess, but soot and shrieks billow up from within…


Mato Seihei no Slave

Story: Takahiro

Art: Yohei Takemura




Otherworldly spaces known as “demon cities” appeared in various parts of Japan, and those who partook in the “peaches” growing there gained unique abilities—but only if they're girls. One day, a down-in-the-dumps high school boy named Yuuki Wagura suddenly gets lost at the entrance of a demon city. There, he meets Kyoka Uzen, the beautiful leader of the seven programs of “Magical Defense Corps,” who orders him to become her slave?!


Light Novel


Yokohama Station SF National

Story: Yuba Isukari

Art: Tatsuyuki Tanaka




This follow-up volume to the science fiction hit sheds light on the history of Yokohama Station and people all across Japan through a series of short stories. “Kyoto” tells the tale of a struggle against the information warfare of the station monitoring systems. “Gunma” details the collapse and reconstruction of Yokahama Station. In “Kumamoto,” people tolerate violence and mistreatment in exchange for safety from the looming threat of the station. Finally, “Iwate” follows a spy's escape to an unknown region of the north.


Source: Yen Press 




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