Kengan Ashura Artist Sums up 2021 in One Big Art Piece

From Tokyo Revengers to Tall Vampire Lady

2021 in review


How can you sum up 2021 — the anime, the games, the movies, the memes — in one image? The artist of the Kengan Ashura manga has given it a go.


Daromeon, who pens the art for Yabako Sandrovich's heavy-hitting series, took to Twitter with a massive art piece compiling the last year's high points. Nods to PUI PUI MolcarSquid GameUmamusume: Pretty Derby, and the final Evangelion movie pop out right away. But how many references can you spot?





(Click to embiggen — you'll need it.)


Daromeon has squeezed in a ton of references. This writer is especialyl happy for the nods to Invincible and Tokyo's 3D cat billboard. But there's a lot to see!


Source: @daromeon, via


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos

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