Sentai Filmworks Announces Kakegurui XX English Dub Cast Ahead Of Home Video Release

Series first announced for home video release in October 2021


Sentai Filmworks has released the English dub cast list ahead of its forthcoming home video release of Kakegurui XX, which was first announced in October of last year. The series will be released on Blu-Ray on January 25th and is available for pre-order now. The cast and staff list is below:


ADR Director John Swasey
ADR Script Blake Jackson, John Swasey
English Mix Brent Marshall
Audio Engineer Patrick Marrero
Yumeko Jabami Estelle Link
Ryota Suzui Adam Gibbs
Erimi Mushibami Hilary Haag
Ibara Obami Eric Vale
Inaho Yamato Juliet Simmons
Itsuki Sumeragi Cat Thomas
Jomaru John Gremillion
Kaede Manyuda Scott Gibbs
Kirari Momobami Olivia Swasey
Kumagusu Kailin Coates
Mary Saotome Christina Kelly
Midari Ikishima Natalie Rial
Miraslava Honebami Marissa Lenti
Miri Inbami Brittany Lauda
Miyo Inbami Luci Christian
Nozomi Elissa Cuellar
Rei Batsubami Katelyn Barr
Rin Obami Bryson Baugus
Ririka Momobami Olivia Swasey
Rumia Uru Skyler Sinclair
Runa Yomosuki Brittney Karbowski
Saori Mai Le
Sayaka Igarashi Melissa Molano
Shinnoji Courtland Johnson
Sumika Warakubami Patricia Duran
Terano Totobami Monica Rial
Yumemi Yumemite Maggie Flecknoe
Yumi Whitney Rodgers 
Yuriko Nishinotouin Genevieve Simmons
Announcer John Gremillion
Additional Voices  
Alyssa Marek  
Chelsea McCurdy  
Courtland Johnson  
Cyrus Rhodas  
Elissa Cuellar  
Kailin Coates  
Mai Le  
Patrick Marrero  
Shane Fenimore  
Tiffany Grant  
Whitney Rodgers  



At Hyakkao Private Academy, Yumeko Jabami’s star rises just as the student council’s reputation starts to dim. In the shadows of the council’s dwindling power, discord reigns supreme. In a bold effort to rebalance the social scales, student council president Kirari Momobami intends to place her bet on the election for the council’s next president. Everyone starts with a single chip, and at the end of 30 days, the whoever holds the most becomes the president of the Momobami Clan. But chips aren’t the only things students can wager as they fight tooth and nail to ascend to the council presidency, and Yumeko Jabami intends to clean house no matter the prizes she must risk in the betting pool.


SOURCE: Sentai Filmworks
©河本ほむら・尚村透/SQUARE ENIX・「賭ケグルイ××」製作委員会


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