Date A Live 10th Anniversary Project to Include Best Album and Online Poll for Best Scenes

The TV anime 4th season is set to premiere in April 2022



The official website for the anime adaptation project based on Koshi Tachibana's Date A Live light novel series has revealed details of its tenth anniversary project, including the best album, online poll for the best scenes in the anime, four-panel manga, and a collaboration event at EJ Anime Theater Shinjuku.




The best album "'Date A Live' New Series Broadcast Commemoration! Theme Song Compilation" will include all of the theme songs from the previous anime series and the games. In commemoration of the album's release, the opening movies for the TV anime's first three seasons are now streamed on YouTube.



Song list:


 1. "Date A Live" sweet ARMS (TV anime 1st season OP)

 2. "Trust in you" sweet ARMS (TV anime 2nd season OP)

 3. "Day to Story" Kaori Sadohara (TV anime 2rd season ED)

 4. "Invisible Date" sweet ARMS (Date A Live: The Movie – Mayuri Judgement theme song)

 5. "I swear" sweet ARMS (TV anime 3rd season OP)

 6. "Last Promise" Erii Yamazaki (TV anime 3rd season ED)

 7. "Infermata" Spotlight Kids (OVA Date A Bullet OP)

 8. "Only wish" Liuza (OVA Date A Bullet ED)

 9. "Precious" RinamooN (OVA Date A Bullet ED)

 10. "Date in Utopia" sweet ARMS (PS3 game Date A Live: Rinne Utopia OP)

 11. "Kitto Zutto" sweer ARMS (PS3 game Date A Live: Rinne Utopia ED)

 12. "Installation" sweet ARMS (PS3 game Date A Live: Arusu Install OP)

 13. "Eternal World" Kaori Sadohara (PS3 game Date A Live: Arusu Install ED)

 14. "Key of Truth" sweet ARMS (PS VITA game Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation OP)

 15. "Not forget" Misato (PS VITA game Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation ED)

 16. "Kangen Yuwaku Receptor!" sweet ARMS (PS4 game Date A Live: Ren Dystopia OP)

 17. "Never Ending Love story" Iori Nomizu (PS4 game Date A Live: Ren Dystopia ED)



TV anime "Date A Live" OP movie:



TV anime "Date A Live II" OP movie:



TV anime "Date A Live III" OP movie:




An online poll "~Best of Date~" to determine the best scene from the first to the third season of the TV anime series will be held until February 22. The best three scenes will be shown in a special edited video. You can vote for your favorite scene on this form.






A four-panel manga featuring each character drawn by Inui Sekihiko, who also worked on the comicalization of the series, will be serialized on the web on the official website and Twitter. The featured character in its first episode below is the male protagonist Shido Itsuka.





A memorial collaboration event is scheduled to be held at the EJ Anime Theater Shinjuku in Tokyo from April 1 to 28, 2022. It will include revival screenings of theatrically released films, collaboration café, gallery exhibition, and goods sales.






The TV anime fourth season Date A Live IV is set to premeire in April 2022.



2nd PV:




Sources: "Date A Live" anime official website / Twitter, Nippon Columbia press release


©Koshi Tachibana, Tsunako


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