The Sketch Book of Hiroaki Gohda Hits Online Vendors in March of 2022

Animator / director / character designer is most famous for work on Ah! My Goddess and Please Teacher

A pair of sketches from the upcoming The Sketch Book of Hiroaki Gohda art book. One sketch features a high school girl in her uniform smiling in a goofy manner while flashing a pair of peace signs, while the other features an adult woman in casual clothes and glasses enjoying a cup of pudding.


Animator / director / character designer Hiroaki Gohda is publishing a massive compilation of color sketches of original female characters entitled The Sketch Book of Hiroaki Gohda that will begin distribution in Japan in March of 2022.


Gohda began his career in 1981 as an animator on God Mars while still in high school. He is most known for directing the various animated adaptations of Ah! My Goddess (aka Oh My Goddess!) as well as providing character designs for series such as Please Teacher! and Bloom Into You. The Sketch Book of Hiroaki Gohda is 280 pages in length and features 450 full-size, full color illustrations scanned in high resolution from Gohda's sketch books.


The cover of the upcoming The Sketch Book of Hiroaki Gohda artbook featuring illustrations of various original female characters by animator Hiroaki Gohda.


The Sketch Book of Hiroaki Gohda retails for 3600 yen (about $31.29 US) plus tax. It is currently available for pre-order through online vendors such as the Anime Style Online Shop and Amazon Japan, and the final product is scheduled to begin shipping in Japan on March 16, 2022.


Source: Comic Natalie


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