Mr. Osomatsu Live-Action Film Will Cross Over with the Anime

Check out revamped character designs based on the upcoming movie

Mr. Osomatsu film/anime collaboration


Mr. Osomatsu is getting its own live-action film next month, starring members of idol group Snow Man. It looks like being portrayed by a boy band isn't enough for the Matsuno boys: they're going to be peeking in on the upcoming movie themselves!


A new video on the Toho YouTube channel, hosted by Iyami (Kenichi Suzumura), announced the crossover. It appears the anime characters will be introducing their live-action counterparts in the film's introduction, with each being voiced by their original voice actor from the anime. They've also gotten a makeover for the occasion, redrawn in their movie attire.


Check out the five-minute video for set footage, scenes from the movie, and to see how the new character designs match up to their film versions:



The video also shows off a gift for fans: a sticker sheet featuring the members of Snow Man in costume:


Mr. Osomatsu movie cast


The live-action Mr. Osomatsu film opens in Japanese cinemas on March 25.


Source: Comic Natalie


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