Crunchyroll and Milan Records Release FreakAngels Soundtrack by Mondo Boys

Soundtrack featuring 44 songs from the series is now available



Crunchyroll and Milan Records have officially announced that the soundtrack for FreakAngels is now available! Composed by Los Angeles-based duo Mondo Boys, the soundtrack features 44 songs from the series, including the "Crows Calling" opening theme.


Milan Records has put out a ton of amazing anime music in recent years, including soundtracks for Akira, BELLE, Kill la Kill, My Hero Academia, Naruto and many more. The FreakAngels soundtrack is available on all major streaming platforms, or you can check it out for yourself here




1. Crows Calling

2. Into the Dark

3. Jack's Boat

4. Bottleache Blues

5. KK's Chopper

6. Old John

7. Arkady

8. Sneak Attack

9. Bombs Away

10. Deep Underground

11. The End of the World

12. In a Dream

13. Alice on the Air

14. Hospital Flashback

15. Luke and Janine

16. The Mission

17. Rendevous

18. Freaks Find a Way

19. Drunken Angels

20. Stargazing

21. Arkady the Healer

22. Jack's Waltz

23. Cosmic Love

24. Alice and Conner

25. Tick Tock

26. The Eternal Ring

27. Alice Learns the Truth

28. Buckingham Palace

29. At the Pub

30. Rooftops

31. A Dark Night

32. Rebirth

33. Luke on the Run

34. Memories of Janine

35. Future Arkady

36. Fall of the Freaks

37. The Breakups

38. Blue Sun

39. Garage Alliance

40. Luke's Lament

41. Battle Suit

42. Alliance

43. Vote

44. Beyond the Veil


Beyond listening to the music, you can watch all nine episodes of FreakAngels on Crunchyroll in over 200 countries and territories, with subtitles available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian and Arabic. 



Welcome to Whitechapel: last bastion of humanity. Six years ago, the world “ended” in a single, apocalyptic event, trapping Great Britain behind a mysterious dome of purple energy. London’s last neighborhood has persevered thanks to the protection of the “FreakAngels” — a small group of psychically-powered twenty-three-year-olds. Their fragile peace becomes threatened, however, when an exiled friend returns, exposing past conspiracies and new conflicts within their fractured, makeshift family. Can Whitechapel survive?


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