Comedy Anime Teppen—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brings the Laughs in First PV

Meet the 15 aspiring comedy stars coming to the new series



When Mikoi SasakiAimi, and Ayasa Ito joined the cast of the Milky Holmes franchise, they probably had no idea what they were kicking off. But the trio, who billed themselves as Seiyu Sanshimai Team Y, would go on to become the focal point of Bushiroad's manga series Teppen—!!! — and, in turn, its upcoming anime adaptation.


Teppen—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! follows five trios of girls chasing their comedy dreams, with the Team Y-inspired group as the focal point. Check them out in action in the new PV:



That song you heard is "Teppen Tengoku ~TOP OF THE LAUGH!!!~," performed by the cast.


Speaking of the cast, a full list of characters and cast members has been released. Naturally, the trio who inspired the original manga are taking the lead, and the cast as a whole includes several familiar voices from other Bushiroad projects:


Yayoi Sakamoto: Ayasa Itō (Arisa Ichigaya in BanG Dream!)

Yomogi Takahashi: Aimi (Kasumi Toyama in BanG Dream!)

Yuzu Hosono: Mikoi Sasaki (Royal Penguin in Kemono Friends)

Mako Shirakabe: Riko Kohara (Rokka Asahi in BanG Dream!)

Saeka Yabukita: Saika Kitamori (Riko Saginuma in PuraOre! Pride of Orange)

Hikari Jogasaki: Yūki Wakai (Iroha in Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club)

Hina Kasama: Himari Hazuki (Saori Hidaka in D4DJ First Mix)

Miyu Komatsuzaki: Megu Sakuragawa (Tsubasa Kira in Love Live! School Idol Project)

Misao Ushiku: Moe Toyota (Kanon Matsubara in BanG Dream!)

Yuina Rokkatei: Nanae Kojima

Mone Ishiya: Aina Suzuki (Mari Ohara in Love Live! Sunshine!!)

Chihori Hokuto: Momoyo Koyama (Karen Aijō in Revue Starlight)

Iroha Akishika: Mayu Sagara (Kasumi Nakasu in Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club)

Kana Kiyotsuru: Aina Aiba (Rockhopper Penguin in Kemono Friends)

Chitose Amano: Honoka Kuroki (Ruise Sanjō in Seiren)


And here they all are in a new key visual:


Teppen—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! key visual


Shinji Takamatsu (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing) serves as Chief Director and Sound Director, with Toshinori Watanabe (Tokyo Ghoul:re) directing. Jun Kumagai (Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū) handles series composition, and Yoshiyuki Ōkubo (key animator, Symphogear) serves as character designer, working from the original manga by Inujun and Namamugi.


website and Twitter account are now open for the series, and plans are underway for a live event at Tokyo's Nakano Sun Plaza.


Teppen—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is scheduled to premiere in Japan in July 2022.


© Teppen Grand Prix Executive Committee


Source: Comic Natalie




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