Macross F Galaxy Live "Revenge" Concert Blu-ray Is on Its Way

See May'n and Megumi Nakajima perform galactic classics

from Macross F Galaxy 2021 "Revenge" Blu-ray cover


Last year, Macross fans were treated to Macross F Galaxy Live 2021 "Revenge" — the first solo Macross Frontier concert in 11 years — with Ranka and Sheryl performing everyone's favorite galactic classics together onstage. Starting this summer, a Blu-ray of the event will let you bring it home for keeps.


The Blu-ray will feature a recording of the November 10 performance, starring May'n and Megumi Nakajima, at Makuhari Messe Event Hall. Three editions will be available: Regular (¥7,700), Limited (¥11,000), and Gorgeous (¥16,500 — all prices with tax included). All editions feature the full concert, including the encore.


Macross F Galaxy Live 2021 "Revenge" Blu-ray cover


The Limited Edition will include a bonus disc with songs from the November 9 and November 23 performances (the latter marking Sheryl Nome's birthday), a behind-the-scenes documentary, and interviews with May'n, Nakajima, and Macross Frontier music producer Shiro Sasaki.


The Gorgeous Edition (limited to 10,000 sets) will include the bonus disc above, as well as a Musume Dora◎2022+Live Selection CD, a Gorgeous package format, and a Galaxy Live 2021 backstage pass necklace strap. Macross fans may remember the Musume Dora audio series from its original run in 2009, where it filled in back stories from the lives of Macross Frontier characters. This CD will include a new audio drama from said series, as well as song selections from the concert.


Both the Limited and Gorgeous editions will also include a concert photo book.


A set list is coming soon for the concert.


Macross F Galaxy Live 2021 "Revenge" comes out on Blu-ray on June 22, 2022.




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