Shibuya Pop-Up Shop Celebrates 25 Years of Revolutionary Girl Utena

Shirts, acrylic standees, and more will be available for a limited time

Revolutionary Girl Utena 25th anniversary pop-up shop


25 years ago, Kunihiko Ikuhara and Chiho Saito revolutionized the world and blew our minds with Revolutionary Girl Utena, a surreal story of love, swordfighting, and fast cars in a mysterious high school. This year, to celebrate the series's anniversary, Tokyo's Shibuya Marui will be hosting a pop-up shop, full of one-of-a-kind goods for loyal Utena fans.


Shirts, clear files, and acrylic standees — including a new line of cute chibi trading standees — will be available at the shop: 


Utena shirt

Utena clear file

Utena chibi trading standees


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If you spend at least 3,000 yen in the shop, you can participate in an in-store lottery. Prize A is a pair of A4 acrylic art panels:


Utena art panels


Prize B is a set of postcards, and Prize C is one random postcard from the set:


Utena postcards


The shop is now open, and will run until April 24.


© 1997 Be-Papas / Chiho Saito / Shogakukan / Revolutionary Girl Utena / TV Tokyo


Source: Comic Natalie


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