Become a Cell and Fight a Mutant Virus in Cells at Work! Escape Room

SCRAP launches their latest anime tie-in, plus limited edition goods and bonus puzzles

Cells at Work! Escape from a World Infested by a Mutant Virus


Do you have what it takes to be a hard-working cell and defeat a mutant virus? The latest escape game from SCRAP brings you into the world of Cells at Work! and challenges you to do just that.


Cells at Work! Escape from a World Infested by a Mutant Virus casts you as a cell in the human body, and gives you and your team 110 minutes to challenge a fast-spreading influenza virus. Because the virus is so mutated, your normal antibodies won't work against it. Work together with your fellow cells to stop the mutated flu in its tracks, prevent it from spreading to other people, and save the world. No pressure.


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Advance tickets are currently on sale, and come with a luggage tag inspired by the series's oxygen box. You'll also get an original bonus mystery to solve.


Cells at Work! Real Escape Game advance tickets and goods


A shop at the venue will offer special Cells at Work! goods made for the collaboration. Pick up stickers, clipboards, pins, keyrings, acrylic standees, and a pair of clear files with more mysteries to take home and puzzle out.


Cells at Work! Real Escape Game goods


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Cells at Work! Escape from a World Infested by a Mutant Virus will run from April 22 to June 26 at the Tokyo Real Escape Game Harajuku Store. Plans are also afoot to stage the event in Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Osaka, Sendai, Okayama, and Yokohama.


Source: Comic Natalie


Watch Cells at Work! on Crunchyroll!




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