Cute Critters Frolic in Chiikawa TV Anime Trailer

Adaptation based on Twitter manga by Nagano is currently broadcasting in Japan on Fuji TV

Chiikawa and Hachiware fiddle with their smart phones outside on a sunny day in a scene from the Chiikawa TV anime.


An adorable new preview video has been published for Chiikawa, a currently broadcasting TV anime based on the Twitter manga by Nagano about the daily lives of critters that are "chiisai" (small) and "kawaii" (cute).



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Chiikawa follows the fun (but sometimes a little awkward) everyday adventures of Chiikawa, Hachiware, and Usagi as they face various challenges together and grow closer as friends.



A key visual for the Chiikawa TV anime featuring Chiikawa, Hachiware, and Usagi enjoying a sunny day by laying down in a field of grass.


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Chiikawa is directed by Takenori Mihara and features animation production by Doga Kobo. The series is currently broadcasting in Japan on Fuji TV as a part of the Mezamashi TV television program.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice: © Nagano / Chiikawa Production Committee


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