SPY x FAMILY TV Anime's Voice Cast Redraws Episode 4's Visual and It Goes As Well As You'd Imagine

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While most weeks see the staff of the anime share their art for that episode of a series, the SPY x FAMILY TV anime decided to shake things up this week with the voice actors for the Forgers redrawing the key visual for the 4th episode in ... well, let's just call it their unique style.


Here's the visual in question in its fully rendered glory




Takuya Eguchi's impression of the visual, the voice of Loid




Saori Hayami's masterpiece, who voices Yor




And lastly, Atsumi Tanezaki's recreation, who voices the young Anya




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You can catch their voice work as the Forger family in the SPY x FAMILY TV anime as it streams here on Crunchyroll every Saturday.


Source: SPY x FAMILY on Twitter


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