Sentai Summons Up Chimimo TV Anime for Summer Anime Season

Original "hellishly heart-warming comedy" series will stream on HIDIVE

A banner image advertising Sentai's licensing of the Chimimo TV anime featuring artwork with the English language logo for the series as well as the titular Chimimo characters - a series of marshmallow-shaped white demons with a single horn protruding from their foreheads and various other unique features such as cat ears, mustaches, eyeglasses, etc.


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Some quick news for fans of all things cute and diabolical: Sentai has licensed Chimimo, an upcoming original "hellishly heart-warming" comedy TV anime about a group of adorably inept demons trying to take over the human world, and will be distributing the series on their HIDIVE streaming platform this summer. Sentai describes the story of Chimimo as follows:


Meet hell's most adorable messenger. Chimimo might be an average demon, but he and his horde of minions have big dreams of unleashing hell on earth! Too bad a portal to the human realm drops him into the middle of the Onigami household, where the family’s three unflappable sisters rule the roost with iron fists. Now Chimimo is stuck as their freeloading roommate, and his ambitions of unleashing the apocalypse will have to wait until he can summon the willpower to get off the couch!


Chimimo is directed by pinoalto and features animation production by Shin-Ei Animation. The series hits TV Tokyo on July 07, 2022, and it will also be streamed on HIDIVE with a U.S. home video release to follow at a later date.


Source: Official press release


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