Check Out the Non-Credit OP / ED for Luminous Witches TV Anime

Idol-themed Strike Witches spin off is currently broadcasting in Japan and streaming on HIDIVE

The main cast of the Luminous Witches TV anime enjoys a sunset together while sitting on a hill beneath the open sky.


If you need a little song and dance in your life, then be sure to check out the credit-free versions of the opening and ending animation sequences for Luminous Witches, a currently broadcasting spin off series set in the Strike Witches franchise that focuses on a band of witches that keep morale up by performing as idol singers.


The videos below feature the official opening and ending themes for the series, both of which are performed in-character by the cast of Luminous Witches. The opening theme is entitled "WONDERFUL WORLD", while the ending theme is entitled "Watashi to Minna no Uta" ("The Song of Everyone and Me").




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HIDIVE describes the story of Luminous Witches as follows:


The war against invading aliens can’t be won by missiles alone! Team morale matters just as much as launching a counterassault, and that’s where Ginny and her friends come in. Instead of standing on the front lines with the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, the Luminous Witches of the League of Nations Air Force bring smiles to civilians displaced in the human-Neuroi war world with thrilling song and dance — not to mention aerial displays the likes of which the music world has never seen! While they might be non-combatants, these performers know the value of preserving the people’s smiles, and they’ll fight in their unique way to make sure those smiles never fade.


A teaser visual for the upcoming Luminous Witches TV anime featuring the main cast soaring above a city-scape at night in their idol uniforms.


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Luminous Witches is directed by Shôji Saeki and Kana Shundo and features animation production by Shaft. The series is currently broadcasting in Japan on AT-X, TOKYO MX, TV Aichi, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and BS NTV, and it is also streaming in the United States on HIDIVE.


Source: Official KADOKAWAanime Youtube channel


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