Casio Japan Collaborates on a Sporty Sailor Moon Watch

The limited-edition BABY-G casual watch is inspired by Usagi's transformation

Casio x Sailor Moon BABY-G Watch


As the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 30th anniversary festivities roll on, there are more cool collab goods than ever coming out for the popular magical girl series. The latest to debut is a collaboration with watch brand Casio: a casual, sporty watch inspired by Usagi's "Moon Prism Power" transformation.


The navy blue watch is based on Casio's BABY-G BA-110 model. Officially numbered BA-110XSM-2AJR, the impact-resistant, waterproof watch has an analog face with gold hands and a night sky motif. Its many functions include a stopwatch, alarm, calendar, and displays for times in 48 cities around the world and UTC.


Sailor Moon Casio Watch

Sailor Moon Casio watch face


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The watch band itself features a pattern of stars, hearts, moons, and her transformation brooch, as well as a silhouette of the magical girl herself.


Casio x Sailor Moon watch band

Casio x Sailor Moon watch band, close up


The silhouette is engraved on the back of the battery casing, too:


Casio x Sailor Moon watch back


And the whole thing comes in a collectible tin and box, emblazoned with the same bright henshin-inspired pattern.


Casio x Sailor Moon watch and packaging



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The watch is now on sale on the Casio Japan website for 20,900 yen (tax included).


© Naoko Takeuchi / PNP / Toei Animation


Source: Anime! Anime!


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